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About Season of Ghosts

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Season of Ghosts  is an electronic metal band based in London, UK, known for transcending genre boundaries in a unique East-meets-West kind of sound.

Created by Sophia Aslanides, former vocalist of Japanese trance metal pioneers, Blood Stain Child, and later completed by orchestra conductor & multi-instrumentalist, Zombie Sam, the project came to life in the heart of Tokyo in 2013, with the debut album, “The Human Paradox” releasing in 2014. Season of Ghosts, which draws influences from Japanese, American, and European heavy rock & metal, created an unapologetic, cinematic, sophomore album, entitled “A Leap of Faith” in 2018, relocating to London, U.K. soon after.

The band has appeared at various notable festivals, venues, and comic conventions worldwide, alongside Therion, Xandria, Sirenia, Leaves’ Eyes, Yousei Teikoku, JUPITER, and BRIDEAR among others. In 2022, Season of Ghosts was joined by Tomas Eduardo (I PLEAD GUILTY) on bass and Lordt (CODE, Khanus) on drums and released the singles “The Great Unknown” and “In Hubris”, mixed/mastered by Fusix Studios (DELAIN, Frozen Crown) and is currently manifesting a 2023 album.


Season Of Ghosts
Sophia – Vocals
Zombie Sam – Guitars
Paul Dark Brown – Bass
Lordt – Drums


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