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2021/04/22 Radio Interview with The Moshpit Podcast (EN)

2021/02/23 Radio interview with Metal & High Heels (EN)

2021/01/07 RAVENSCRY video chat with Season of Ghosts (EN)

2021/01/04 Interview with Digital Tour Bus (EN)




2021/10/23 Radio interview with Super Cool Radio (EN)

2020/11/19 Interview with Carl Begai BRAVEWORDS (EN)

2020/05/12 Radio interview for Metal & High Heels Podcast #68


2020/05/11 Interview with FemmeMetal Goddesses of Metal

2020/05/07 Interview for Metal Female Voices Community Magazine (EN)

2020/04/27 Interview for Top Rock Radio (EN)

2020/03/01 Interview for Michael Spiggos Melodic Rock&Metal Show on Rockradio UK


2019/11/21 Radio Interview with The All Japan Show (EN)

2019/07/14 Video interview with Metal & High Heels (EN)

2019/05/24 Interview with Rock Expert (EN)

2019/05/19 A Leap of Faith review on HornsUp.fr (FR)

2019/05/10 Video Interview with Metal To Infinity (EN)

2019/04/18 Radio interview for “The Gerg Show”, Indie Scene Radio (EN)

2019/04 A Leap of Faith review on BURRN magazine p.179 (JP)

2019/03/27 A Dirty Dozen – interview with 100% Rock (EN)

2019/03 Interview with ORKUS Magazine p.16 (DE)

2019/02 Article on A Leap of Faith (recommended albums) on BURRN magazine p.109 (JP)

2019/02/16 Album review on Bleeding4metal (DE)

2019/02/07 Article on Orkus Magazine (DE)

2019/02/04 Interview with Wildspiritz Rising Magazine Issue #4 (EN)

2019/01/31 Interview with Metal Coffee (EN)

2019/01/31 Album review on Hikari no Hana (ES)

2019/01/09 Interview with Rich Myers on Fandalism (EN)

2019/01/08 Album review on Metal Hammer Greece #409 (GR)


2018/12/22 The Bucketlist with Season of Ghosts – interview with Metal Nexus (EN)

2018/12/22 A Leap of Faith – Top 30 albums of 2018 on Darkzen (EN/SP)

2018/12/15 Singled out – Interview with AntiMusic (EN)

2018/12/14 Review by Wildspiritz Rising Magazine Issue 3 (EN)

2018/12/13 A Leap of Faith – Top 12 albums by Dead Rhetoric (EN)

2018/12/12 Review by Roppongi Rocks (EN)

2018/12/12 Interview with Moshville Times (EN)

2018/12/11 Radio Show & Interview with Midnight’s Metal Grinder (EN)

2018/11/28 Album Review by RockExpert (EN)

2018/11/20 Review by Dead Rhetoric (EN)

2018/11/10 Review by Darkzen (EN/SP)

2018/11/06 Interview with Blood Metal Alliance (SP)

2018/11/01 Review by Bravewords (EN)

2018/10/23 Review by Metal and High Heels (EN)

2018/10/15 Feature on Metal Hammer Italia (IT)

2018/07/29 Interview with Darkzen (EN/SP)

2018/07/17 Radio Interview Metal & High Heels 29 (Germany) – A chat with Season of Ghosts (EN)

2018/07/13 BRAVEWORDS – SEASON OF GHOSTS – Exclusive BraveWords.com Premiere Of New Video “A Place To Call Home” (EN)

2018/07/13 Radio Interview with DJ Struth Mate (Australia) Episode 120

2018/07/09 Interview & cover for BCM Magazine Issue 36

2018/06/20 BRAVEWORDS – SEASON OF GHOSTS Vocalist SOPHIA Talks Diversity On New Album – “I’m A Colourful Character With Many Influences”

2018/06/17 BRAVEWORDS – SEASON OF GHOSTS Vocalist SOPHIA Talks New Album – “The Dynamic From The First Album Has Changed 100%”


2017/10/10 Interview for 502 Fallen Angel Radio –  Mystic Eclectic Music Show (USA)

2017/01/17 Interview for Otaku Radio (GR)


2016/09/21 Interview for Hikari no Hana (ES)

2016/08/02 Interview for Original Rock (EN)

2016/02/13 Radio interview for The Pitts of Metal Chaos (EN)

2016/01/15 Interview for Dark Beauty Magazine (EN)


2015/12/18 Radio interview for the Fasching Rock Show, Canada (EN)

2015/11/08 Interview for Rushed Blue (EN) and (ES)

2015/08 Interview with BURRN! August 2015 issue (printed) (JP)

2015/07/20 Interview with Project:Lixx (EN)

2015/07/19 Interview with JaME (EN & other languages)

2015/07/08 Interview with GEKIROCK Magazine (JP)

2015/05/14 Interview with Metalchroniques (FR)

2015/03/21 Radio interview with Michael Spiggos Melodic rock & Metal show, Rock Radio UK (EN)

2015/03/02 Interview with Femme Metal Webzine (EN)

2015/03 Metal Hammer Greece album review, issue #363 (GR)

2015/02/25 Interview with French Metal (FR)

2015/02/01 Interview with Arigato Magazyn #19 (printed) (PL)

2015/01/15 Interview with AMERI fashion magazine (printed) (FR) issue Jan. 2015

2015/01/05 Maybe I’m all that you fear – Interview with Carl Begai (BRAVEWORDS) (EN)

2015/01/02 Interview with Metal Korner (ES)


2014/12/23 Interview with Femetalism (EN)

2014/12/15 Interview with VENTS MAGAZINE (EN)

2014/11/08 Artist Profile and interview with Metal Divas (EN)

2014/10/30 Interview and photo-shoot for BCM Magazine #21 (EN) – click to download for free –

2014/10/18 Video interview with Metal & High Heels at MFVF 12 (EN)

2014/06/08 BLOOD STAINS AND ZOMBIE BRAINS – Interview with Carl Begai of BRAVEWORDS (EN)

2014/03/23 SEASON OF GHOSTS Vocalist Slams Former Bandmates – Interview with Carl Begai of BRAVEWORDS (EN)



2013/11/29 Article at JpopAsia (EN)

2013/10/31 Interview with Shattered Tranquility (EN)

2013/10/18 Video interview with Metal & High Heels at MFVF 11 (EN)

2013/10/05 Interview with HEAVY METAL JAPAN (JP)


2010/12/21 Interview/article with CNN Travel (EN)


Season of Ghosts is a female-fronted, electronic metal band based in London, UK, known for transcending genre boundaries in a unique, East-meets-West kind of sound, drawing influences from Japanese, American, and European heavy rock & metal.

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