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Happy new year & P.O. Box start

Happy New Year, everyone! Season of Ghosts now has a P.O. Box. For fan letters and presents, please use the following address: JP:Season of Ghostsへのファンレターはこちらの住所をご利用下さい: Season of Ghosts P.O. Box 21506 Panorama, 55201 Thessaloniki, Greece

SoG commence recordings of debut studio album

Recordings for Season of Ghosts’ debut album, “The Human Paradox”, have officially started! Stay tuned for updates, exciting news and spooky surprises… JP: Season of GhostsのThe Human Paradoxと言うデビューアルバムのレコーディングが始まりました! アップデートもお楽しみに!後、驚くニュースも用意してますので今後楽しみにしてて下さいね!

MEJIBRAY’s MiA guest on The Human Paradox

MiA, the guitarist of popular Visual Kei band, MEJIBRAY, has been officially confirmed as a guest for Season of Ghosts‘ upcoming album, “The Human Paradox”.  Song titles plus more details to be announced at a later date. JP: Season of Ghostsデビューアルバム「The Human Paradox”」 にMEJIBRAYのMiAさんがゲスト参加決定!曲タイトル等詳細公開をお楽しみに! HP: http://mejibray.com/

Youtube Channel launch + Album trailer online!

Season of Ghosts now has a Youtube Channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/seasonofghosts Plus, “The Human Paradox” album trailer is finally online. Click the link below to watch: Season of GhostsのYoutubeチャネルスタートしました。登録宜しくお願いします。後は、The Human Paradoxのアルバムトレーラー公開中です。下のリンクをクリックして下さい Season of Ghosts – “The Human Paradox” Official album trailer

Sophia to attend Metal Female Voices Festival 2013

Sophia has been invited and will be attending Metal Female Voices Festival as a VIP Guest on the 18th-20th of October, 2013. Festival location: Wieze, Belgium. No live performance will take place, however fan interaction is welcome. More information: English http://www.metalfemalevoicesfest.be/ Sophiaは今年の「Metal Female Voices Festival 2013」にVIPゲストで参加予定。 日本語: http://www.metalfemalevoicesfest-fansite.jp/

Sophia x MEJIBRAY pt. 3

Sophia appeared as a guest on MEJIBRAY’s latest single “Shuuei”, contributing backing vocals to the track “Gesshoku”. This is also her third collaboration with the band after the songs Black Baccarat and DIE:KUSSE. Release date: 2013/10/02 http://mejibray.com/


Season of Ghosts is a female-fronted, electronic metal band based in London, UK, known for transcending genre boundaries in a unique, East-meets-West kind of sound, drawing influences from Japanese, American, and European heavy rock & metal.

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