SEASON OF GHOSTS are proud to be part of Tainted Reality’s first charity event ever!

Join the Facebook event here:

“On December 20th, Tainted Reality will be hosting its first ever charity event! Called “The Children’s Reality Telethon”, the event will be a 24-hour videogame and music broadcast to raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Hosts will play a variety of games from a vast array of classic and current systems, hold contest giveaways, welcome special guests and performers, and perform special mini-events to reward donators.

Special Appearances by:
Sophia of Season Of Ghosts
Lolita Dark
Ask our guests questions in our fan Q&A by donating $35! Donations and questions must be submitted prior to December 15. See our donation page below for details. Hurry as question slots are limited!

Where to watch: Tainted Reality Ustream & Twitch channels
When and what time: Saturday, December 20th at 6pm Eastern (3pm Pacific) to Sunday, December 21st at 6pm (3pm Pacific).
Where to Donate:
You don’t have to wait for the broadcast to donate! Donate ahead of time to unlock goals!

Goals (More to come!):
$100 – Comment video from the Fuwa Hina Maid Cafe
$200 – Ridiculous Video Game Challenge
$300 – Hayden plays Amnesia: The Dark Descent alone in the dark at 3am
$400 – Special Appearance from Lolita Dark
$500 – We Destroy Superman 64
$700 – Ludicrous Video Game Challenge
$1000 – Special Appearance by Sophia from Season of Ghosts

Giveaway Prizes:
The Gazette – DIM
D’espairsRay – Immortal
The Sonic The Hedgehog Trilogy (Sega Genesis) with a special surprise prize
Road Rash II (Sega Genesis)”

Source: Tainted Reality