Release: 2015/12/23 (INVICTUS MEDIA)
Format: free digital download
Artists: NEUROTICFISH (DE), Rotersand (DE), Frozen Plasma (DE), FGFC820 (USA), ZOMBIE SAM (IT), FATAL FE (RU), KALM (JP), Berrygera&Co. (JP), NeroArgento (IT), harshrealm (JP)

“REMIXING THE PARADOX” was released 2015/12/23, featuring electro remixes by ten international artists well-known for their contribution to the electro/ industrial/ synth-pop/ EBM music scene. Together they join powers and revisit Season of Ghosts’ s debut album, “THE HUMAN PARADOX“, offering their own, unique interpretations of the original compositions.

  1. Dream Paralysis (Zombie Sam Remix)
  2. Time Travellers (NeroArgento Remix)
  3. Genesis / The Phoenix Syndrome (Fatal FE VIP Remix)
  4. Quantum / Through The Looking Glass (Neuroticfish Remix)
  5. Dream Paralysis (Frozen Plasma Remix)
  6. The Human Paradox (Berrygera & Co. Mix)
  7. Quantum / Through The Looking Glass (FGFC820 Remix)
  8. Time Travellers (Rotersand Rework)
  9. Reincarnation (KALM Remix)
  10. The Road to Acheron (Harshrealm Remix)

Remixing The Paradox

Release Date : December 23, 2015
Artists : Berrygera & Co., FGFC802, Frozen Plasma, harshrealm, KALM, NeroArgento, Neuroticfish, Rotersand, Season of Ghosts, Zombie Sam
Catalog ref. : N/A
Format : Digital Download