After several years of collaborations with Japanese Visual Kei and Japanese Rock Artists, such as MEJIBRAY, Alphoenix and DEATHBIE, Sophia returns with a sparkling new work, contributing vocals on Japanese rock band, AllS‘s new release, “DO OR DIE”, for the song “Identity Disorder”. AllS, formerly known as “ALSDEAD” are set to release their 1st EP, “DO OR DIE”, on November 22nd, 2017, exclusively via HMV, as well as various digital shops, such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, LINE Music, Apple Music, Rekochoku etc.

The band has checked in with the following updates:

“We proudly announce our first collaboration with singer and songwriter Sophia (Season of Ghosts) for the song, Identity Disorder” (source)

“After hearing her voice in a Season of Ghosts track, we immediately wanted to collaborate. Please enjoy her strong and mesmerising vocals!!” (source)

“【コラボ】AllSの新譜「Do or Die」からIdentity Disorderという曲でSeason of ghostsのボーカルであるソフィアとコラボしています!MAKISophia力強くて煌びやかな歌声のコラボを堪能してください!(source)

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