Just a couple days before this year ends, I decided to do a small review! (edit: it ended up super long, no surprise there)

The last 8-10 years have been especially harsh, way more harsh than the rest of my life. I actually never remember a time in my life when I felt peaceful or happy for longer than a couple hours. Yet somehow, among the chaos, the drama and the misfortune, I manage to stay alive and learn from the pain and reinvent myself every single day. These years taught me my most important lessons, with the last 3 years being the highlight of pain and enlightenment, goodbyes, hellos, endings, but also new beginnings. I appreciate every moment of it and I thank everyone involved, the good ones, but especially the terrible ones. They’re always the best teachers, even though they’ll never realise, distracted by the blinding lights of their selfish existence.

Well, enough with the pity party, not my style, but I had to be honest, year review and all.

Let’s start!

With Dictator Linda on New Year’s Day. My female role model!

Rivoli, Italy


Turin, Italy


Turin, Italy with Zombie <3

I collaborated with Alphoenix on the song “Last Ignition” (album version)! I know them since they used to play in MYPROOF and I loved working with them. This is their album digest so go listen to it 😉

Recording Unity and Surreal!

This baby was released in July!

These kids got their very own Instagram account! @wereallcatshere

I went to Saigon, Vietnam for work!

I promised to write travel blogs, so I’ll show you more amazing pics from Vietnam soon!

The view from our hotel sky bar, omg

Visiting the Cu-chi tunnels

Stockholm, Sweden in September!

Cuteness overload!

With Mr. Dag Larsson, Prefect of Stockholm. Thank you for your kindness and your hospitality!
Can you believe his staff was playing Dream;Paralysis when I arrived? I felt so embarrassed but honoured at the same time XD

This city is crazy beautiful, I swear

THE MOST important event of the year! Season of Ghosts released SURREAL in collaboration with Fatal Fe!

Yo bitchez, this iz Tokyo :Pppppp

Odaiba <3333333333

Outside Venus Fort, Odaiba

Gorgeous Yokohama!

No life without Universal Studios! Osaka

Fushimi-inari shrine, Kyoto

While we were in Japan, AllS released DO OR DIE and I’m on it! Listen to this digest and pay special attention to Identity Disorder :}

The red velvet cake I made for my birthday! Such a waste that this is the only picture my mom snapped of it. We were too busy with the guests XD

Christmas Eve at home with family (how do you like our psycho living room? XD)


Thank you 2017, you’ve been a tough one, but also quite nice. All those beautiful places I went to and the beautiful people I met, gave me the strength to start working on new music finally, so 2018 is going to bring lots and lots of amazing things!

Talk to you later, happy new year!