I always say I’m gonna resurrect this blog and now I see that the last time I wrote was December 2017. It’s scary how time passes. Also, does anybody read blogs anymore? I used to love writing on my Ameblo, but now microblogging sites like Instagram have taken over and people don’t really bother I guess.

I definitely miss my Ameblo and the entire process too, call me romantic if you will.

Well, a lot has transpired since the last blog was written and this website is about to get a complete and well-deserved face-off, hopefully soon.

So, as discussed on tonight’s Facebook live, which you can watch here, our next show is gonna be something quite unusual: we’ll be supporting an idol band! Idol bands, for those of you who might not be familiar with the term, equal girl/boy band in Japan. This idol band is very dark, though and their music is metal infused, so I guess the compatibility is not that bad. Instead, it sounds fun! Here are all the details for our next event, supporting Necronomidol at The Underworld, London, UK. It’s also a last-minute announcement because the show is on the 16th of July, gotta hurry! https://seasonofghosts.com/new-show-added-necronomidol-season-of-ghosts-at-the-underworld-london-july-16th/