I feel guilty that I don’t have enough time to update my blog and/or translate everything into Japanese lately. I find it easier to update Instagram and Twitter instead, but I love my blog the most, nevertheless ♪

SEASON OF GHOSTS were at MFVF last weekend and what an adventure that was! A couple of days before the concert, I travelled to Turin, Italy, in order to rehearse with Ghost Legion, my session band for SOG. Sam, Paul and Max are three highly experienced musicians, with a long career and actually, this is a deciding factor for the SOG shows 😉 I only have a short history as a professional singer, but I’m working hard every day on my voice and performance skills, so having real professionals by my side, not only gives me peace of mind, but at the same time, it becomes an enjoyable learning process (and you know very well that I’m a study junkie).

After having rehearsed alone for countless hours and with Sam for another few hours (he came to Thessaloniki just for that!), we both went to Turin to find Paul and Max. Rehearsing with them three, was a relaxing experience, although it was the first time I met them in my life. We needed just a couple of hours in the studio and the band was already set, balanced and ready to perform by the second day of rehearsals! I have to admit I wasn’t used to this high level of professionalism until now and despite spending days and days in the studio in the past, it was impossible to reach that level of bonding and coherence with my old band. There are many reasons for that, of course, and one of them is that I also have evolved as a person and as an artist.

Pictures and other goodies coming up soon enough! For now enjoy this goofy video we took in the airport, after MFVF. We were sleepless for days and tired as hell :3