So you might have been wondering how SEASON OF GHOSTS is gonna sound and look live. Will it be just Sophia and a backing track? Sophia and alien holograms? Well, in fact after extensive research, I found and chose the very best!

I present to you GHOST LEGION!

GHOST LEGION is the session band that will accompany me on stage when touring and currently comprises of 3 members: ZOMBIE SAM (guitar), PAUL DARK BROWN (bass) and MAX BUELL (drums). They all are professional musicians with long touring experience. The members of GHOST LEGION may or may not change in the future, depending on the different needs and member schedules.

ZOMBIE SAM is best known for his activities with the band Hallowtide (ex-ZOMBIE SAM), but he’s been a session member for major touring legends such as Joe Lynn Turner (RAINBOW, Y.Malmstein) and Dave King (Fastway) among others. He’s a graduated orchestra conductor and soundtrack producer and he co-produced “THE HUMAN PARADOX” together with me.

PAUL DARK BROWN is the main guy behind DiscoInferno, a successful band, covering ’80s-’90s hits since 1997. Having toured with famous acts like Gazebo, Spagna, Nia Peeples and Erica Gimpel (from the original cast of 80’s TV show, FAME) and with more than 1600 concerts under his belt, this guy is a machine!

MAX BUELL has had a long career both as a session man and a recording artist. Having collaborated with bands like Elegacy and Exilia, he currently works as a producer and drums teacher.