My birthday was on the 7th and I think I’ve never spent a busier birthday ever. I hardly have time to breathe, eat or sleep anymore, but at least it’s for a good cause. You know, I could use a few clones of myself to help out with the work (with central memory storage tho), so if there’s a geneticist among my fans please contact me ASAP! 😛

I thought I’d be spending a workaholic-style birthday yesterday, tracksuit, messy hair and all, when my best friends rang the bell 23:00 and started singing Happy Birthday outside my door, under the pouring rain (and after a tiring flight). I’m not used to surprise parties so I was shocked and moved. Look at my bloody, zombie-ladybug cake (It was delicious)! “When you have crazy friends you have everything”. So true!



All of your birthday wishes, messages and calls warmed my heart and gave me courage. It’s been a rough year for me, but I hope it was worth it. Thank you!