I felt like fangirling a little today, so I have to make a confession. Buffy the vampire slayer, is probably the series I regret not watching earlier the most.

It all started with Netflix because I felt like watching something “silly and light”, cos my stress levels were too high and I couldn’t handle anything serious and heavy, so I randomly picked Vampire Diaries, because I assumed it’d be a light pop thing like Twilight. Little did I know that the Vampire Diaries had immense amounts of violence, gore, stress, non-stop armageddons and a general feeling of discomfort in each and every episode (way too overdone and over the top, in my opinion, you can’t have a non-stop tension crescendo in every frickin’ episode, I mean seriously..). I did however watch until the last episode, solely because I loved the characters too much, not the plot, I repeat. Elena generally pissed me off, just for the record 😛 I might come back to talk about the Vampire Diaries in the future.

I talked Sam into watching the series with me and he was permanently furious because he insisted the series was a rip-off of Buffy and Angel, which I had no idea about. I mean I knew the Buffyverse existed, but I never paid attention for one and only reason: I found the main actress non-inspiring since she belonged to a generation of actresses that didn’t exactly represent quality in Hollywood, so I was prejudiced against the whole thing. Plus the name of the series was a put-off. I thought it’d be about a bimbo and cheap horror, kinda like the Scream franchise. Bad acting, dead plot, fatally boring (no offence guys, just my opinion).

I honestly regret not looking more into the plot, because apparently, the series was an instant classic. Yes, they based it on a mainstream bimbo-type character, but that was on purpose. Plus the series had absolutely brilliant supporting cast! As a forever geek, I stuck with the geeky characters – no surprise there-. Their lines were pure gold! My favourite characters were Willow and then Anya. Those of you who have watched will understand why. My favourite male characters were Giles, Xander and Spike (after his comeback). I kept laughing in CAPS LOCK when those characters were speaking, so inspiring, refreshing, and genuinely funny. You know, an excellent sense of humour is something you don’t find so easily anymore, so extra props for giving me life, Buffy production team!

Also, I vote Spike for the hottest vampire in the history of TV/cinema. His story was really heartbreaking T_T I was so pissed off in the final episode that I couldn’t sleep until I read a spoiler about the 5th season of Angel, where there’s good news about Spike, so I managed to sleep that night 😛

Soooo…was the Vampire Diaries a rip-off like Sam said? I’ll have to agree, it was a little too similar, a high-budget, polished fusion of Buffy and Angel, but I loved and appreciated the series nevertheless. Plus the whole cast looked flawless and doll-like, that’s always good in my book.

I know I’m super late to the party, but I believe it’s never too late to appreciate a great piece of art and that’s exactly what Buffy is. A well-deserved classic. Thanks, Sam! We have so different tastes in everything, but this was a 5-star recommendation \m/

I know many of you guys have grown up watching Buffy. Which character is closer to your heart?  Which character do you like the least? (my answer: Dawn)

Until next time!