Season of Ghosts is officially a proud member of the Coroner Records family! You’ve probably already seen the news somewhere, but yeah; it’s official. After careful and thorough label research, after talking with several industry people in different countries, I concluded that Coroner is the label for me right now and I’m happy with my choice.

People usually think that the bigger the label that signs you, the higher you score, but the truth is essentially different. If you know a thing or two about how the music industry works, you’ll understand me if I say I preferred not to trade my independence for a big, shiny label name. At least not right now. Coroner Records has proved to be a trustworthy partner through the years with BLOOD STAIN CHILD and also Princess Ghibli and they’re devoted to their work while maintaining a humane work environment and healthy communication with the artist. I’m really thankful for everything they’ve offered me until now and I’m sure they’re gonna do their very best for SEASON OF GHOSTS from now on!