It’s been almost a week without Vouli, my cat and I didn’t have the courage to write anything on this blog until now. I’m sorry about that. No one was home during or after the incident, so I had to take the shovel and dig in the garden, preparing a small grave as appropriately as possible. My best friend did something unexpectedly sweet and gave me ashes and a stone she had brought back from her trip to a Guatemala volcano. According to the legend, those ashes come from the underworld, so offering them to a deceased person is a special way to say farewell. I won’t even go through the process of explaining the torrents of thought, the violent sensations and the feelings involved. If you’ve been through something similar you know exactly what I’m talking about.



The sun was shining bright and the funeral was short and silent. Linda and I were the sole attendants. She stood still next to me all along, from the beginning to the very end. And that’s also the reason I like animals: they have respect and understanding and compassion.


Speaking of Linda, she still is very depressed and looks for Vouli every day. She was never kind to him while he was alive, but deep inside there was a feeling of unity between them.

Three days after Vouli’s passing, I made a traditional Greek sweet offered at memorials. I’ve never made it for a human until now, but I made it for my cat, as he was worth more than most people I know…We travelled thousands of kilometres together, so many places, under good and bad conditions, yet in perfect harmony with each other and with such an energetic alignment, that calling him a “pet” would be an understatement. Honestly speaking, he was more like a “familiar”, although I don’t practice witchcraft.



The sweet consists of boiled wheat, spices like cinnamon and clove, and various nuts and raisins, topped with powder sugar. I took the liberty of adding dried coconut and cashews to the mix and decorating the sweet with a cute cinnamon heart, just because Voulis was fabulous and he deserved something more special than the average. I’m afraid this recipe is one of my favourite things to eat. Too bad it’s so closely linked to death.