There’s something really cool coming up next week and that’s none other than the SEASON OF GHOSTS first official video clip (MV)! It’s a compilation of scenes of our first show ever (Metal Female Voices Festival in Belgium, October 2014) and from what I can see until now it ROCKS!

I was planning to release it much earlier, but the video company failed to provide the files as promised, so we got them about 2 months later…so yeah, this live video was delayed for about 2 months. Better late than never they say. Well, we can officially start getting EXCITED! ♪( ̄▽ ̄)♪アニョ~ン♪♪

Where would you like to see SEASON OF GHOSTS in 2015? Send me your comments and also contact your local organisers asking for SoG in 2015. It only takes a minute!