For the first time in Japan!

SEASON OF GHOSTS are the Special Pick-up artist of the DJ event METEOLIGHT, hosted by DJ SIRIUS VI! So if you’re in Tokyo on the 28th of this month, don’t miss this event, as it will feature a handful of fresh, SEASON OF GHOSTS songs, a few days before the official, worldwide release! SHINJUKU LIVE FREAK is a club in central Tokyo (Shinjuku area). I wish I could be there myself, but I’m busy planning everything necessary for the release, as well as 2015 tours…

Stay tuned w(o^^o)w




東京に居る人へ!今月の28日はMETEOLIGHTと言うDJイベントでSeason of Ghostsの曲が日本初公開!私は今回リリースとツアーの企画で忙しくて行けないけど、歌声を送ります。宜しくね!

DJ SIRIUS VIのTwitterから:”11.28 fri LOUD ROCK&HEAVY METAL DJ EVENT 「METEOLIGHT」 Pic-up Artist決定! Season Of Ghosts !″Season Of Ghosts″ 1st Album「THE HUMAN PARADOX」から数曲をピックアップさせて頂くことになりました! 楽曲フルバージョンで聴けます☆ 是非28日は新宿LIVE FREAKへ!”