…can really sound miserable sometimes. Or at least to those who endorse a completely different life philosophy. I’m often criticised by my surroundings for my workaholic attitude. When I work, I don’t care about weekends, holidays, timetables, overtime or socialising. Work is work and things that can wait can wait, but the trick is to know when and to who you must over-deliver. That’s the fine line that distinguishes someone who simply works and works and someone who works and WINS.

The above opinion will probably be dismissed as too snobbish by some, but it pays off if you sit and think for a moment. The point is not to have popular opinions, but efficient and productive ones. Popular opinions tend to reflect average situations, which lead to average lifestyles, which is perfectly fine of course, if that’s what you’re aiming at.

Popular opinions have traditionally inhibited my breathing, though and that very feeling of suffocation is what led me to my present life. The path that originally was set out for me by my -generous nevertheless- parents, was the life of a lawyer and hotel manager. The latter of which is not bad at all (I can’t say the same for the first one, though). However, as a highly adventurous spirit, I refused to accept something that was too easy and pre-cooked, so instead, I started coming up with DIY projects that sounded totally impossible for the Greek standards, 10 years ago, but managed to gain mainstream publicity, a thing which gradually evolved into my current occupation.

At the end of the day, it’s all about thinking differently in the *right*, most effective way. I’m not saying I achieved work results of a colossal magnitude, but at least anything that I have humbly achieved until now is no work of magic. It’s the direct outcome of strategic planning and the respective actions. I didn’t have to trick anyone into anything, sleep with anyone, or do them special favours (which is a popular opinion of how women get to places); I didn’t win the lottery and things didn’t just happen out of nowhere. You plant the seed, you water the seed every day, you visualise the beautiful flowers that will come out and you wait. That’s how things HAPPEN.

Obviously, if I had been defending my weekend, my holidays, my sleeping schedule, my party time with friends and family etc with a religious zeal, none of this would have happened. It’s all a matter of choice. I believe timing is everything and depending on what you want to achieve, you gotta make certain sacrifices in your prolific years, without ending up like a no-life or a hospital bed occupant.

Therefore, I believe that being able to balance TODAY with the bigger picture of TOMORROW, is ideal. So what do you guys think?

上の記事は日本の現実と結構違うと気がするので、今回は英語だけ。自分の仕事の世界観について書いています ^^