REINCARNATION is the final chapter of the album. The soul that was floating through space in QUANTUM, decided to go back to earth and try again, instead of choosing the “game over” option 😛 However, it’s bound to face the rejection of its eternal soul-mate, yet again. It’s a bittersweet, karmic circle.

See..being soul-mates with someone doesn’t guarantee that you can be together, as a couple. Soul-mates exist to accompany you throughout your life in many different ways, taking various roles. Some of them are meant to stay in your life for only a short while, then suddenly disappear. Not every person has the same mission when they appear in our world and feeling a closeness to someone doesn’t guarantee you can or will be together forever. It’s one of the most bitter, painful truths in life if you ask me. That’s what REINCARNATION is all about.