Those of you who follow my updates have probably heard about this, but because the release was right before the holiday season, some of you might have missed it. Well, since my debut album, “The Human Paradox” became quite popular among fans and critics and many of you like upbeat songs, I decided to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of “The Human Paradox” (and Christmas!) with a special project.

“Remixing the Paradox” is a compilation of remixes by notable artists from all around the world (some of my personal favourites from the electro-industrial scene, too!), transforming my original compositions into something new and exciting! I love remixes myself, so I was curious to see how different minds would interpret the ideas of “The Human Paradox”.

For this purpose, I came in contact with some of my favourite artists and friends and together we created this electro compilation! I left the choice of songs and style to the artists 100%; I didn’t want to restrict their creativity. It’s more fun not to know what to expect, so the outcome covers a large variety of electronic sounds, from harder to mainstream, to lounge. You didn’t expect that, right? Neither did I!

I’m very happy with the result and to be honest I didn’t expect the participation I got eventually, especially from the loud names of the electro scene. I spent many years of my life listening and dancing to their songs in goth clubs with my friends, so I have lots of great memories when certain artists come to mind. Therefore, I’m even more grateful for each and everyone’s participation in this entirely free project, a present made by the artists for the fans.

The artists who participated are Zombie Sam, Nero Argento (the production team of The Human Paradox!), DJ Fatal Fe of Russian trance-metallers, Fail Emotions. DJ Fatal made a remix of Genesis for the Japanese version of “The Human Paradox” and he re-remixed the track for the sake of my new release. It’s NOT the same track as the one in the JP version, different effects, loops, mastering etc Worth checking both out 😉

Then we have my all-time favourites, Neuroticfish and FrozenPlasma. Those who know me, know I have a soft spot for catchy melodies and emotional electro songs, so it’s only natural I’m a big fan of those two artists.

Rotersand and FGFC820 are also among my favourite artists with so many dancefloor smashers in their discography! KALM has been a friend for many years and we always looked for a way to collaborate somehow, so this was the perfect chance. He’s built a legacy in the Japanese industrial-EBM scene, both as an artist and a composer for other artists.

Berrygera&Co. is the alias for someone well-known in the Visual Kei scene, who I’ve also collaborated with in the past…:) Finally, harshrealm is a band whose member came to one of my concerts in Japan and handed me a bag with their entire discography and disappeared before I could even say “thank you”. They used to work with KMFDM members and they did a great job arranging “The Road to Acheron” into a chill-out/lounge track!

With artists from America, Japan, Italy, Russia and Germany, this is a truly international album! It’s absolutely free to download, too. You only need to subscribe with a valid e-mail address here


Remember to look for a confirmation mail in your inbox, click it and you will be taken to the download page immediately. As always, I’m happy to hear your feedback, so feel free to send me your thoughts 🙂

A HUGE THANK YOU to all 10 artists who honoured me with their participation in “Remixing the Paradox”!

I hope you all had a great holiday season!