More press feedback! I’d really like the thank everyone who took the time to review my album. I really appreciate it <3

 “Best Greek album of 2014” – Global Metal Apocalypse

“Top 10 international albums of 2014. Top 100 album of the decade!– KICK ASS METAL

“Souls were really poured into this creation!” – BCM Magazine #20

“SEASON OF GHOSTS exude positive energy with every riff and every beat. More please!” – [rating 9/10]   (DE)

“Inventive. Special. Remarkable. Successful. I’m in heaven! I beg you, listen to it now!” – FRENCH METAL [rating: 17/20]  (FR)

“An energy drink that makes Red Bull look pale in comparison. A dose of adrenaline directly into the heart” – Metalchroniques France [Rating 8/10]  (FR)

“We have to admit that Sophia Aslanidou possesses a real talent for composition” – LaGrosse Radio [rating – 8/10]  (FR)

“Time Travellers is the proof that Sophia can compose for a sci-fi movie!” – Keys and Chords [rating: 3,5/5] (NL)

“Hypnotic voice” – JAME

“Nr3 album of the year” – Metal and High Heels