Hello! It’s Sophia and I’m back to my blog after..quite a few months >_>; I love blogging, but I sadly don’t have much time for it anymore, so please excuse my random posting schedules.

As most of you know, my debut album as a solo artist, THE HUMAN PARADOX, eventually saw a Japanese release back in July (HOWLING BULL). Japanese releases always differ from international releases, so today I’m going to compare the two versions for you!

Soooo, the world version of THE HUMAN PARADOX contains 12 tracks, features a mysterious keyhole on the front cover, space jellyfish on the back and comes in a pretty digipak with a cool booklet, full of insightful art, pictures and of course lyrics! You can find it everywhere online, Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby, GooglePlay and other major online and offline stores. The official distributor for the U.S is eOne Entertainment ♪


Now, what’s special about the Japanese version you ask? Well, first of all, it comes in a jewel case instead of a digipak, while Ettore Rigotti did a different master for the album, only for Japan. The album also contains 2 bonus tracks! A GENESIS remix by Fatal-Fe (of trance metallers Fail Emotions) and an instrumental version of THE ROAD TO ACHERON. Also, the front and the back cover art is different and more spacey and the packaging includes the infamous “obi-strip” that traditionally accompanies Japanese releases. What’s more, those who buy it are in for a special treat, because the booklet includes an extra leaflet with lyrics translated into Japanese AND liner notes (how retro is that!) written by none other than the talented RYOJI from Japanese metal band (and label- mates) GYZE! He wrote a really cool text with thoughts and opinions on my album, so it’s worth reading for those of you who can read Japanese ・*:.。☆..。.(´∀`人)

THE HUMAN PARADOX is a very important album for me and I’m honestly happy it was received very positively by the international press. I was hesitant in the beginning, because, let’s face it, the music and the lyrics are not a quick and easy snack, but that’s who I am so I decided to follow my intuition. I made this album in order for it to become a lighthouse for those who choose to listen to it. Art is not a commodity, it’s not numbers. It must have a meaning and a useful purpose, at least the way I see it.

Thank you for supporting me all along, guys! I could never do this without you!

World version

Japanese version (ships internationally)
(soon to be released on Japanese iTunes)