Tainted Reality’s “Children’s Reality Telethon” for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has been a success so far, passed the 1000$ mark and is currently at 1200$! All guests have been unlocked, including me, but you can still donate here: http://fundwarrior.com/fund/?i=155

My comment is in about half an hour and I promise EXCLUSIVE news and an EXCLUSIVE live performance! TR and I gave away a copy of THE HUMAN PARADOX to one lucky winner and another lucky person is going to win a face-to-face, 20′ Skype call with me! Convert your time zone over here: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

I’ve been on and off the chat since last night and I will continue to be for a few more hours, so join us! It’s for a good cause! We’re not selling boobs and asses and that’s why we’re cooler I think 🙂

I couldn’t post the schedule on time, but it here it anyway, as it appears on the Telethon’s FB page:

1:30pm (EST) / 10:30am (PST) – Fuwa Hina Maid Café comment video
2pm (EST) / 11am (PST) – Destroy Superman 64 & Giveaway
2:30pm (EST) / 11:30 (PST) – Sam & Roger dance, Vixi’s pizza face
3pm (EST) / 12pm (PST) – Dj Sisen joins us
3:30pm (EST) / 12:30pm (PST) – Lolita Dark performs
4pm (EST) / 1pm (PST) – Bad Transition Show
5:30 (EST) / 2pm (PST) – Sophia from Season of Ghosts joins us


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