Yup, it’s my annual post! (Previous posts can be found at http://ameblo.jp/sakurasomnium/archiveentrylist-201501.html )
I find it pretty difficult to summarise 2014’s teachings in a few paragraphs, but I’ll try.

What 2014 taught me:

– that we are able to endure much more than we think we can. I’d already pushed and expanded my boundaries multiple times the previous years, but 2014 blew it all out of proportion and everything was pushed and expanded x 10 times, to the point I almost lost control of it all.

– my health didn’t like it

– there are endless merits when working solo, but if you’re a control freak and won’t entrust the future of your career to third parties who give no fucks, the pressure can and will take a toll on you.

– at the end of the day you need to sit down and think whether all this was really worth it

– on the other side of the spectrum, things like friendship and love still exist, if take a good look around

– that the above things will find you and stay with you, as long as you are ready to receive them, as long as you radiate love yourself. Otherwise, forget it 😉 Nothing comes for free and you get what you give, so bad and negative people with their eyes fixed on other people’s lives, should not complain when their life is crap. You radiate shit, you get shit in the long run. It’s a universal law.

– if you’re on the right track and you radiate love and compassion from every cell of your body, you should persevere and not give up. It’s not easy at all and you’ve probably been through a LOT, but perseverance is key. There IS light at the end of the tunnel.

– (i probably said this last year too but…) what we like and what we pursue sometimes are two different things. What we’re naturally attracted to, does not necessarily mean that it contributes to our higher benefit. Humans are weird creatures and self-destruction runs in their blood, so we sometimes are attracted to things that destroy us. When you learn to distinguish between what you like and what is truly good for you, you will have found real happiness.

– the above feeling cannot be compared to any fleeting joy, any shot of adrenaline those short-lived experiences could ever offer to you. That kind of happiness is only skin-deep and you know it when you close your door and feel alone, even if you just came back from a party full of people. Those who are by your side for *real*, won’t let you feel alone.

– you are never truly alone when you’re best friends with yourself

– being related by blood doesn’t guarantee good intentions

– there’s nothing scarier than jealousy, be it female against female or male against male. Both are equally scary. And disgusting.

– life is peaceful when you know people’s real intentions. I used to be unable to distinguish because when you have good intentions yourself you subconsciously think everyone is the same. I’ve learned the hard way and it’s all good now 🙂

– the point is to awaken and see people for what they are, without changing yourself to the worse. That’s when you truly evolve

– the other important point is to accept the obstacles that come your way, accept every experience, no matter how negative and instead of resisting it, embrace and learn from it. After the initial anger and disappointment, we learn to be thankful and let go.

– however, forgiveness is something I have not perfected yet. I have forgiven most but not all.

– deep within ourselves, there’s a flame that might look tiny and insignificant in the beginning, but given the right fuel, it can grow into an all-encompassing wildfire.

– fluffy friends are the best friends and sometimes they can save your life

– fluffy friends will always give you more than you could ever give to them

– I am blessed because I have many fluffy friends

– being understood by people is not of big importance; people are often blinded by their egos, their hate, their arrogance and fail to see the truth, because it’s inconvenient to do so. I find it more important to be the person my 4-legged friends think I am.

– being in constant contact with your inner-self and looking yourself in the eye, is one of the most important tools to advance in life. Avoiding problems is not gonna make them go away.

– not abandoning your faith is what makes the difference between winning and losing

– when you keep your faith and keep choosing love instead of lower vibrations, many good things and people will come to your rescue when you least expect it

– sometimes, in order to awaken, you need to reach the edge of the cliff and some illusions are harder to shake off than others. And when you take a deep look inside the void, that’s where you truly find the answers you’d been looking for, all along.

– what you’ve always wanted, might as well be there, under your nose, waiting to be noticed

– “everything changes, but nothing is truly lost”

– “And if there’s a moral there, I don’t know what it is, save maybe that we should take our goodbyes whenever we can. And that’s all.”