To be honest, I never was a girly girl. On the contrary, I’ve always been a tomboy. Therefore, things that indicated any kind of weakness, softness or girliness were condemned to the pits of hell, in my conscience. Well, don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved Barbie and pastel-infested cartoons like My little pony, Care Bears, Lady Lovely Locks, Jem etc , but when I had to wear clothes, they were not sparkly or shiny at all. 

The way I saw it, girls who dressed up girly, had a soft and exploitable character, they were weak and this was an absolute NO-NO in my world. It still is, however now I can see how one can dress up girly, but still possess a powerful character. As long as you keep the two separated, it’s all cool. Outward appearance is like a blank canvas that you get to paint from scratch every day; it’s magical! So, nowadays I see it as a kind of game, not strictly as a character-defining trait.

So after a certain age and after re-discovering Japan’s pop culture around 2004, I opened myself up to the CUTE and I found out it’s exhilarating, liberating and a fine anti-depressant. Frilly dresses, doll-like outfits, dreamy accessories and whatnot! I’ve been a MUCH happier person ever since that’s for sure. You should try it too! It works better than emotionally consuming food, candy and alcohol (and drugs – although I’ve never tried any- )


(these are the contents of my September and August “Kawaiibox” subscription box, respectively)