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Remixing the paradox is here!

  Those of you who follow my updates have probably heard about this, but because the release was right before the holiday season, some of you might have missed it. Well, since my debut album, “The Human Paradox” became quite popular among fans and critics and many of you like upbeat songs, I decided to...

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Remix album coming!

December is my favourite month of the year, so I’m celebrating and giving you a full digital album, completely free! It will feature remixes by famous industrial and electro artists from all around the world, including NeuroticFish, Frozen Plasma, FGFC820, KALM and more (to be announced in the coming days)! The album will be available...

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Happy ghost shopping

For those who don’t know already, here’s the deal! When you subscribe to my mailing list, you’ll receive a discount code for shop purchases until the 18th of October. If you already are a member of the mailing list, look for the newsletter in your inbox 😉 Happy ghost shopping! p.s. By popular demand, I...

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The text below is very sad and might cause uncomfortable feelings to some so if you’re not okay with it stop reading now. When “Sophia” comes to mind, you probably imagine someone who speaks their opinion loud and clear, who puts on a brave face and doesn’t give up, a person who defies their fears...

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Paranormal activity and witchcraft?

Apparently yes! Off we go, Time Travellers! I prefer to ride my UFO, but good old broomsticks are not half bad either :E Do you want to see SEASON OF GHOSTS on tour? Spread the word and tell your friends, the press and local organisers about SOG. Let’s make this happen!        

Interview online

The radio interview I mentioned in my previous post can now be accessed online! Lots of funny and revealing moments so give it a listen over here: Thank you once again, Michael and many thanks to Platinum Rock Radio!

SEASON OF GHOSTS on the Gerg Show!

SEASON OF GHOSTS feature&album presentation on the Gerg Anidem radio show (U.S.A.) tomorrow! I heard he will play most of THE HUMAN PARADOX and also I’ll probably be joining the chat, so don’t miss it! Listen here: http://www.indiesceneradio.com/ Find your timezone here: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ 今日はアメリカのラジオショーでSoGのアルバムはプレゼンテーションをします!私はチャットも参加するかもしれないので、是非きいて下さい!上のリンクをクリックしてオンラインで聞く事が出来ます^^



Season of Ghosts is a female-fronted, electronic metal band based in London, UK, known for transcending genre boundaries in a unique, East-meets-West kind of sound, drawing influences from Japanese, American, and European heavy rock & metal.

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