The text below is very sad and might cause uncomfortable feelings to some so if you’re not okay with it stop reading now.

When “Sophia” comes to mind, you probably imagine someone who speaks their opinion loud and clear, who puts on a brave face and doesn’t give up, a person who defies their fears and shreds them into pieces. Well, today I feel like a different person. Today is one of the days I wish I could erase myself from my human existence. I am shocked, terrorised, traumatised, I’m shaking, I’m sleepless and my whole being is in pieces.

You know, I feel like making a public confession and I challenge you to judge me if you wish. It’s become clearly evident in the last 1,5 years, but the more time passes the more distant I grow towards humans and at the same time I feel closer and closer to my animal friends. Studying human nature and psychology is certainly a very interesting subject, but awareness and introspection bear fruit and that fruit is not always pleasant to the taste. I’m afraid that as my awareness grows, my sympathy for most of the human race will continue to diminish. If you read my lyrics you’ll see the direct or indirect references to the subject. In fact, my animal friends are on the top of the “thanks” list on THE HUMAN PARADOX credits.

Having said all the above, I regret to announce that I lost three of my precious children, two of which had been with me for quite a few years, therefore my connection to them was strong (although I pushed myself for the opposite) and their loss pains me beyond any words could ever describe.

Last night Zombie and I witnessed the sudden death of Founditsou, Grizaki 2, as well as another male cat who was a frequent visitor to my parents’ yard. Someone from the neighbourhood apparently left poisoned food in a corner and my beloved gluttons took the bait, although I and my mom always give them more than enough food. The last sad incident was 1,5 years ago when some neighbourhood kitties were found dead and two of my own yard kitties went missing, probably out of fear, because they smelled death in the air. I never saw them again. Since then, everything was calm in the neighbourhood, to the point that I experienced so much happiness surrounded by those 12+ kitties, that I was afraid to express it out of fear of losing it…

Well, last night, me and Zombie, after a full day in the Invictus Studio, decided to pass by my parents’ house to feed the kitties, as my mom was out of town. What we found was an unprecedented tragedy. I will not go into details because I don’t feel okay writing this. Grizaki and his friend are now resting in the garden of Invictus Studio, while Founditsou is sleeping opposite Prince Vouli, in my parents’ garden. 3 of my other kitties are missing, but I hope they will come back…What was buried last night was not just the bodies of three innocent creatures. A part of my soul was buried with them and along with it, a part of my compassion for the human race.

I am suspecting who did this and I’ve started gathering testimonies from the neighbourhood to be used in my upcoming police report. I’m sure that a knife in my heart would have been kinder than this and nothing in the world can bring my children back, but I’ll do my best to find the culprit and bring them to justice. Alternatively, I’d probably feel little remorse putting that person into a meat mincer. Subhumans like those, don’t deserve to breathe the same air as animals with pure souls. They’re the reason this world has never and will never really work.

And it’s ironic because I was considering taking Founditsou in full time, so she could be with her daughter Vanilla Cookie and her adopted daughter Cinnamon Cookie. Founditsou was a feral cat, a true alpha female and she was difficult to tame, but we’d made huge steps the last year, hoping that she could handle not sneaking out…What makes me feel more guilty, though, is that I lack the funds to house all my stray kitties the way I’d love to. I can’t forgive myself for this and the remorse is eating me inside.

I already said too much, so I’ll close this with a few pictures from Founditsou, Grizaki 2 and his friend.
Rest in peace, little children. I will never forget the strength you gave me through my darkest hours.

Right after Founditsou gave birth to Vanilla and her siblings in April 2014. She and her little family gave me all the courage I needed to survive a very difficult year of my life.

With Vanilla and Cinnamon, spending time in my room.

The flirt of the century. Grizaki 2, the sweetest beta male, trying to attract Founditsou to no avail.

Grizaki and his dollface.

Clash of the Titans: Linda VS flying Founditsou


Modelling my mobile cover

She was such an amazing mom that continued taking care of Vanilla (and Cinnamon), even after they were as big as her.

Probably the only picture I have of Grizaki’s friend.

Goodbye, my little friends. We shall meet again one day, in a better world, without pain or tears.