Fashion is a topic that fascinates and pisses me off at the same time, depending on the context and who’s talking. I love clothes, I love shopping, dressing up… I see it as another form of art and since I’m an artist, fashion is another creative outlet for me. It lets me express my feelings, my thoughts, and my mood, so I like to play with accessories, designs and colours to achieve endless results. (I’ve been on a break from fashion for the last few years, due to my health issues, so I don’t feel like dressing up much, but I’m positive it’s gonna pass at some point)

This is exactly why I dislike mainstream fashion, trends, fashion magazines and so on. I never got into the trend mentality, I could never understand why I should let someone in a random country far away, who knows nothing about me, who I am, what I think, how I look, dictate what I should wear, who I should be, how to behave. I never understood the stress of shopping for the latest trends or trashing the old ones cos they’re “old news”, frantically reading fashion magazines to check the latest designs, copying the looks of popular models and so on. It doesn’t require any high level of IQ to understand that this is all a meaningless loop to make idiots consume until they burn holes in their pockets, ending up with piles of trash that they won’t wear anymore after 6 months or so. Even worse, look in the mirror not knowing who the hell they’re looking at…

Call me old-fashioned (pun not intended), but I believe in constant things, things that never age, I believe in elegance, timeless beauty and freedom of choice. Not trying to be the special snowflake here, this is just my personal opinion, so do whatever you want with it, but I always wore whatever the hell I felt like wearing. I didn’t give a flying fuck about trends, fashions, whatever and I never let anyone tell me otherwise because their opinion was simply irrelevant.

I never watch TV because I consider it 99% trash (movies/TV series are excluded, I love those, on DVD or Netflix), so I don’t let it poison my mind with trivial, useless information and negative vibes, millions of micro-opinions of people I don’t even know or care about, nor do I let any “personality” or “celebrity” or “specialist” get under my skin about how fat or thin I should be, the colours I have to wear, why I have to wear that pair of pants instead of the other one, because X or Y celeb wore the same, or cut my hair in that way because this and that Hollywood star cut their hair in the same way…WTF! *facepalm x 1000*

I get really nervous when I happen to catch a glimpse of a random TV show (usually on the TVs at the gym) and fashion comes up and superficial people shove their superficial, “super informed” opinions on weaklings with Play-Doh personalities, or I go shopping and the clerks keep pushing “fashionable” stuff to me because ” homg you’re gonna be so trendy”. My eyes roll back and I feel like bitch-slapping someone really hard. And I’m not even a violent person XD

What I want to say in tonight’s blog rant is that YOU are the only person that has the right to decide about your own fashion. YOU know who you are, better than anyone. You have the freedom of choice to wear, coordinate, create, accept, reject, to imagine. Celebrities or Hollywood stars or whoever are not gods or superheroes, plus they’re entirely different people, different personalities, and different body types. Don’t push yourself to fit into ANYTHING, don’t buy any shitty propaganda, any shitty, misanthropic manifesto about how women or men are supposed to look to be acceptable, to be sexy, cool, admirable. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say fashion magazines etc are bad per se, but they’re pushing a very specific agenda and it bothers me. To hell with being accepted by yes-men and politically correct idiots and brain-dead people with no self-respect and no sense of self-worth.

Each one of us has a well-hidden treasure in his heart and this treasure is never gonna shine, unless you become aware of yourself, of your emotions, your inner self, and your own, unique heartbeat. I don’t think that any person who is honestly and sincerely doing all that can accept specific instructions about how to dress, or how to behave in order to be accepted by the group, cannot accept body-shaming or other insults. And I personally consider trends to be an insult to my IQ. Therefore I avoid getting in touch with anything that reminds me of that. I mean, if I feel like walking around in a frickin’ bird costume and Christmas lights, I will and I won’t ask for anybody’s opinion, because they don’t know me, therefore they cannot understand why I’m doing it, so their opinion is invalid and irrelevant. Simple.

The point is to get to know yourself, know your strong points and weak points and use the elements that look appealing to you, to make yourself feel happy. It’s truly a form of free psychotherapy, in my book! Who cares if it’s last season, vintage, 80s or 40s or Victorian fashion? Or cyber, futuristic, abstract, handmade, who knows what!  Fashion is supposed to be a beautiful thing, consume it responsibly. Don’t let it consume you. As long as you’re happy with it, those “experts” and fashion magazines can shove their opinions up their bums :D.

There, I said it!

Sorry not sorry :>


(Photo: a snap of my fave Atelier Pierrot dress, I’m a sucker for romantic fashion!)