While creating THE HUMAN PARADOX, I had many questions and doubts as to how people would react to it. It’s quite a challenge mixing so many genres without sounding out of place, I admit. The risk of getting burned at the stake by metal fans is also very present. I never claimed to be TRVE metal or anything of that sort, though and despite the fact I’ve heard the word “pop” describe me very often, I’ve always identified as alternative/visual kei.

The lyrical content is no light thing to digest, either. Of course, I served it in a light…poppy way, but it’s not light at all if you sit down and actually read the lyrics, in the context of the album concept. Just the wrapping looks light and I did it on purpose :Ppppppp

Regardless of my initial doubts, I decided to follow my feeling 100% and give you an album exactly as I wanted it to be. I made no compromises and that’s why it’s an honest album. Whoever has the eyes to see it and the ears to hear it will understand exactly what I mean. The rest can just dismiss it. It’s not humanly impossible to please everybody and this album was created to please me first and foremost. Apparently, though, the press seems to like it too. Here are some notable press reviews I received in the past months:


An impressive and occasionally stunning work of art – Carl Begai [BRAVEWORDS]



Such maturity in a debut album is rare and deserves the spotlight – Pavillon666 [rating 9/10]

http://www.pavillon666.fr/webzine/chroniques/chroniques-albums-cd/chroniques-albums-cd-detail.php?groupe=9225 (FR)


MASTERPIECE – Metal Temple [rating: 10/10]



“The human paradox” is full of positive and motivating energy, telling you to never give up and follow your own way – Metal and high heels



A pleasantly diverse album – Dead Rhetoric [rating: 8/10]



‘The Human Paradox’ is a high quality release that will leave you wanting more. A must for any fans of female fronted music!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – Black Phoenix Rising [rating: 10/10]



[to be continued]