It’s been a while since I wrote an article, hasn’t it? I’m sure you know by now, but 24 hours in a day don’t seem enough anymore. This, of course, is good news, as it would have been an absolute disappointment to have too much free time on my hands, after all the work and sacrifices I have done. Past experiences have also turned me into an even bigger control freak than I already was, but I honestly prefer to do all the work I can myself than lose control of my own band.

There is nothing more painful, infuriating and frustrating than losing face, paying for other people’s mistakes and irresponsibility and I’ve paid for too much already, with my time, my health and of course my money. So basically I said “NEVER AGAIN” and started working with more determination. People are quick to assume that working for your band full-time is not a job, even if you’re producing the same amount of work for ten people, just because you don’t get paid for ten people…It’s a waste of time explaining to a person like that, because the moment they come to express this kind of opinion, they expose themselves as unrelated to the subject or just unprofessional, so their argument is invalid from its foundation.

2015 will probably bring me to more than a few airports and INVICTUS MEDIA already looks busy, but at least, for the first time ever I can confidently admit that I’ve found a person to share responsibilities with.

Wish me luck! ♪


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